Baron Nelson Architects Inc.
304 – 67 Mowat Ave.
Toronto, ON, M6K 3E3

BNA was founded in 2019 by Martin Baron and Jason Nelson, both multiple-award winning architects who take a hands-on approach to all projects.

We offer extraordinary award-winning design, rigorous execution, and outstanding client service. With strong design leadership and a curious and playful imagination, we discover hidden opportunities in every project to maximize value for our clients.

Our core values are:

  • Meaningful and Sustainable Architecture
  • Technical Excellence and Innovation
  • Outstanding Value and Service
  • Diversity and Inclusivity

Our extensive experience ensures that our designs are feasible, practical, and build-able from very early in the design phase and all of the way through the development of the design.

We have crafted an architectural practice that leverages the use of advanced technologies to:

  • manage large project teams
  • improve quality
  • eliminate coordination errors
  • prevent unforeseen conditions and surprises
  • increase efficiency and reduce turn-around times
  • control costs
  • identify and mitigate risks

It is the combination of creativity, experience, and technical strength that allows us to deliver extraordinary results while maximizing value and minimizing risk for our clients.


Martin Baron BES, BArch, LEED-AP, CPHD, MRAIC, OAA

Jason Nelson BArchSCI, MArch, CPHD, MRAIC, OAA

Renée Leung Hons BA, MArch, LEED-AP, CPHD, MRAIC, AIA, OAA
Senior Associate

Certified Passive House Designer

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